McIntire School of Commerce Programs

红包扫雷怎么创群the mcintire school of commerce proudly celebrates a nearly 100-year commitment to preparing its students to become thoughtful, innovative leaders in global business and society. mcintire’s unique integrated educational experience leverages technology, welcomes corporations into the classroom, and offers unparalleled, immersive global learning opportunities. the school is home to many highly regarded undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs.

M.S. in the Management of Information Technology

红包扫雷怎么创群a master's degree for experienced professionals seeking to deliver greater business value through it

M.S. in Accounting

a nine-month master's in accounting program that prepares students for professional practice

M.S. in Commerce

a premier 10-month business degree for recent liberal arts, science, or engineering graduates

M.S. in Global Commerce

a three-continent dual master's program for recent high-potential business school graduates

McIntire Business Institute

红包扫雷怎么创群certificates in business fundamentals, sustainable business, and executive management for liberal arts or science undergraduates